Five years of bad ideas

Five Octobers ago I showed up at the starting line for the Des Plaines River Trail Races ready to run 50 miles. It was my first official ultramarathon, and also the beginning of a long series of bad ideas that are now for some reason recorded for all to see on a website called UltraSignup. I never asked anyone to keep track of my bad ideas.

This is a picture of a kinda dirty running bib with number 53 on it.

Originally I had planned to make this one of those long and annoying “Things I’ve learned from ____ years of ultrarunning” blog posts, but then I remembered I haven’t learned anything and still don’t know what I’m doing, so I guess I’ll just sit here for another five Octobers to see if any learning happens.

If you want you can go ahead and mark your calendars now for October 2022, which is when I plan to publish my magnum opus, “Things I’ve learned from 10 years of ultrarunning.” I expect it will be both long and annoying.

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