That was a bad idea

Nolan’s 14 was a learning experience for everyone involved. Everyone had a good time however, and is ready to try it again next year. – Fred Vance, Ultrarunning, November 1999

Approaching Nolan’s 14 I knew it would be difficult and to some extent crazy, but now having attempted it I can say that it’s also pretty funny, too, at least in a black comedy kind of way, like a standup show where the comic dies laughing at his own joke. Was I disappointed in myself for quitting after 10 peaks? Sure. Did I break down and cry on the Colorado Trail the morning after? Maybe. The point is, I can’t […]

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Sure, Nolan’s 14 sounds like a good idea

Along with several other men of uncertain mental state I will be attempting Nolan’s 14 this weekend. We start tomorrow, 9-2-16, at 5am. There’s a little weather on the radar, but when has weather ever been an issue in the mountains? We’ll be fine.

I’ve spent the past six weeks scouting the route and making plans for this very good idea. I really can’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t finish. I have sunscreen, a couple sandwiches, an umbrella, and plenty of high-quality cotton clothing to keep me warm. I also have a fine new RaidLight running pack donated by Rocky Mountain Ultra. (Thanks Adam!)


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Hello, world! A blog hallucinates and gets weird

I once saw an ultrarunner plow into a ponderosa pine in broad daylight and then, as he lay in mud half-asleep and bleeding from not a few ugly cuts and abrasions, profanely relate each and every one of his failures in life to a woodpecker that didn’t exist. It was funny and also kind of sad. What’s not funny is my new blog, RunSlaphappy, although I expect there are those who will find it kind of sad.

RunSlaphappy runs on a content management system called WordPress which is, I’ve discovered, wired for just the sort of lunacy that leads to hallucination and weird conversations. But unlike an ultrarunner WordPress doesn’t […]

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